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We provide emergency dental treatments for patients in Norwich and Norfolk.  Dental emergency treatment is to relieve pain, infection, swelling, stop bleeding and provide emergency treatment for dental trauma.  All dental emergencies especially toothache can have really bad effect on your quality of life. We always try our best to help patients who are in pain even if they are not registered with us. If you have any dental emergency that cannot wait, please call us to discuss your needs. Our highly skilled staff deal with dental pain and dental emergency and problems every day. You should go to accident and emergency if you have a swelling affecting your vision or breathing , trauma that has caused loss of consciousness  or uncontrollable bleeding from It  your mouth.

Asian Chinese little girl lying down for tooth extraction at dental clinic

Teeth may require coming out due to a variety of reasons such as extensive decay, tooth fracture which cannot be restored or part of orthodontic treatment or other reasons. Tooth extraction can sound frightening but don’t worry, our Norwich dentists are very experienced at this and in difficult cases Dr. Khosravi, who is our highly qualified and experienced oral surgeon will treat you.  Do not worry and call our dental practice in Norwich to discuss your needs.

Dental treatment in the dental clinic. Rotten carious tooth close up macro. Treatment of endodontic canals

Tooth filling is a common procedure and we can use tooth colour material to fill the tooth so it is natural and discrete. The material that we use is bonded to your teeth and they are as durable as metal fills. Generally, fillings are not painful to carry out but we often use anaesthetic to make it pain free and comfortable for patient. If you think you need a filling please call our dental practice in Norwich.

Closeup of client's teeth being scaled and polished in a dental office.

Oral hygiene plays a major role in preventing oral disease, bad teeth, bad breath and to maintain a healthy mouth. Our hygienist provides services ranging from oral hygiene instruction to removing calculus and stains. Our hygienist will carry out a detail assessment and chat about your current oral hygiene, teach you the correct and efficient way to brush and offer advice on good oral hygiene. She will give you diet advice to prevent oral disease, removes plaque, calculus and stain. Please call our dental clinic in Norwich if you want to have a hygienist session. We are accepting new patients.

Two dentures. Instruments and dental hygienist checkup concept with teeth model dentures and mouth mirror. Regular dentist checkups

One of the ways to replace missing teeth is to have a denture or plate. Dentures may be suitable for patients who have large numbers of missing teeth or gum disease where bridges and implants are not suitable. If you think you need a denture or wish to replace your old one please call our dental practice in Norwich.

3d render of jaw with dental bridge over white background

If you got missing teeth or gaps leaving you embarrassed to smile, we have got a solution. We can help with missing teeth. We provide various dental treatment to fill the gaps and bring the smile back to your face and One of those ways is a dental Bridge. Please call our dental practice in Norwich to discuss your needs.

Dental shade determination with shade guide. Female patient wearing pink lipstick close up

Veneers are usually a composite, porcelain or Ceramic thin outer covering for a tooth made by a dental technician and are an excellent options to restore a tooth. Please call our dental practice in Norwich to discuss and be assessed for veneers. We are accepting patients for this treatment and Dr. Maz who is our cosmetic dentist can answer all your questions.

Illustration of teeth showing dental implant structure

Tooth loss can affect individuals making eating difficult or cause an embarrassing appearance. A dental implant is one of the best ways to fill the gap. It is a titanium base placed by a dentist where your original tooth was present and after it is bonded with surrounding bone, a new permanent tooth is fixed onto it. If you are thinking of having an implant please call our dental practice in Norwich to be assessed. We can provide finance scheme for dental implant so you can spread the cost of your treatment .  Please call our dental surgery in Norwich for further information.

Root canal treatment process. 3D illustration

A root canal treatment is a treatment to save a damaged or infected tooth. The procedure involves removing the caries, cleaning the pulp and then restoring the tooth.  Root canal treatment can be completed in one or two sessions and the cost depends on the tooth and the complexity of the tooth structure. If you need a root canal treatment you can directly contact us or ask your dentist to refer you to us. We work with a dentist in Norwich who is exceptionally good at root canal treatment.

Closeup portrait of young woman showing, with his finger, inflamed upper gingiva with pain expression. Dental care and toothache.

If your gums are bleeding or painful we can help. Please get in touch as this condition should not be ignored. We work with the best gum clinic in Norfolk and if we cant help you , we will ask for their help. This means we will provide an exceptional high level care in gum treatment available in Norwich and Norfolk.

Teeth Whitening Norwich Before and After

If you are not happy with the colour of your teeth or want to have whiter teeth please let us know.  Whiter teeth can make you look younger and increase your confidence. We can help you have whiter teeth with our professional tooth whitening treatment. Please call our dental practice in Norwich to discuss your needs.

Woman is showing her teeth with braces in a dental clinic. Dentist is cleaning her bracket system with a help of a special brush. Macro horizontal photo.

If you want straight teeth we offer clear aligners called invisalign which will move your teeth gradually and make them look straight. This will be carried out by specialist orthodontist to make sure this is the best option for your and in case of complications you will be assured to have a specialist to deal with it. In our practice invisalign treatment is not carried out by the general dentist but a qualified specialist.  Please call our dental surgery in Norwich to discuss your needs.

Beautiful woman getting radio frequency lifting on her face

At Andrew Brown we are more than just a dental practice. If you want smoother younger looking skin or fuller lips please get in touch. We will assess you and give you the best type of anti-wrinkle treatment options available.  We provide a safe and effective treatment for men and women that does not require surgery. We aim to restore the skins natural beauty while maintaining subtle results. Please call our dental practice in Norwich to discuss your needs.

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