Tooth Filling

Dental treatment in the dental clinic. Rotten carious tooth close up macro. Treatment of endodontic canals

White, cosmetic fillings at Andrew Brown Dental Practice Norwich 

Dental restoration  or tooth filling  are treatments that are used to restore the function , morphology or improve the aesthetic/looks of a tooth which has resulted from caries or trauma.

The most common types of fillings are Amalgam, made from a mixture of different metals or Composites which are tooth colour filling materials. The main advantage of composite fillings is their aesthetic appearance.

Tooth filling is a common procedure and we can use tooth colour material to fill the tooth which can hardly be seen . The composite is bonded to your teeth and they are as good as metal fills and last very long. Generally fillings are not painful to carry out but we often use anaesthetic to make it pain free and very comfortable for patient. Restoration of a tooth usually requires two steps.  First the tooth is prepared by getting rid of the decay and second placement of the filling material.  Tooth filling can sound frightening but do not worry, our dentists are very experience at this and carry out this procedure nearly on daily basis.  If you think you need a filling please call our dental practice in Norwich and we will be glad to help you

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