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Dedicated hygienist at Norwich NR1

A dental hygienist usually carries out deep cleaning or non surgical periodontal therapy. It involves removal of dental plaque and calculus. This is done by special instruments and if a lot of calculus has built up, you may need more than one session. This helps to establish a healthy gum and prevent gum disease. Oral hygiene plays a major role in preventing oral disease, bad teeth, bad breath and to maintain a healthy mouth. Our hygienist provides services ranging from brushing instruction to removing calculus and stain. Our hygienist will carry out  a detail assessment and chat about your current oral health,  teach you the correct and efficient way to brush and keep a good oral hygiene. She will give you diet advice to prevent oral disease, removes plaque, calculus and stain. Our hygienist work closely with our dentist. At our dental practice  In Norwich we pride ourselves in having the highest standard of care and our hygienist is also dental therapist who is dedicated to improve the oral health of our patients.


New legislation now means that our hygienist/therapist can see anyone without a referral from a dentist.  It does not matter if you are registered with us or not, you can benefit from a hygienist treatment. If you need a hygienist appointment please call our dental practice in Norwich and we will be glad to help you

Please call our dental practice in Norwich if you want to have a hygienist session

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