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Dedicated oral surgeon at Norwich NR1

A dental extraction is also called exodontia or tooth pulling. It involves removing a tooth from the socket.  Teeth may need come out due to variety of reasons such as extensive decay, gum disease,  tooth fracture which cannot be restored or part of orthodontic treatment or other reasons.  Your dentist will assess to see if we can save your tooth first and if they think we cannot save it, they will suggest removing it. A x-ray will be taken to give a clearer idea of the anatomy of the tooth and its proximity to important structures such as nerves and sinus.  Risks and benefits and possible complications will be discussed with you before proceeding with the procedure. You are then given a local anaesthetic to numb the area and your dentist will then remove the tooth using different instruments. To achieve haemostasis or stop bleeding you will be given a piece of gauze bite on and put pressure to the wound.  It can take 30 minutes or longer and occasionally you may need stitches.  It is very important to follow the post operative instructions such as avoid smoking for 48 hours after extraction and you should not forget to rinse mouth with salt water mouth wash after every meal to keep the area clean. You dentist will go over all the details with you after your extraction.

Tooth extraction can sound frightening but don’t worry, our dentists are very experienced at this and in difficult cases our oral surgeon who is highly qualified and experienced will treat you.  Do not worry and call our dental practice in Norwich to discuss your needs

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