Dentures or Plates

Two dentures. Instruments and dental hygienist checkup concept with teeth model dentures and mouth mirror. Regular dentist checkups

Dentures, plates  or false teeth are  dental devices made to replace missing teeth. Dentures are supported by soft and hard tissues of the mouth and usually made from acrylic or combination of acrylic and metal.  A partial denture replaces few missing teeth while a complete replaces all teeth missing.  Dentures may be a better option for patients who have large numbers of missing teeth or gum disease where bridges and implants are not suitable.  Dentures usually need between three to five sessions to complete. They feel strange and problems such as alteration in speech, problems with eating, ulceration can occur when used for the first time and it will take few days to get used to them.  Like teeth dentures need cleaning and care and your dentist will take you through all the instructions after the fit. Dentures usually need to be relined as the jaws naturally shrink over time. If you think you need a denture or wish to replace your old one please call our dental practice in Norwich.

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